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While this flower is most easily accessible between January – May, consider adding ranunculus to your big-day bouquet. Available in a variety of colors, these delicate crepe-paper thin petals add tons of texture and interest to any arrangement.


Statement making enough to stand out on their own but still complimentary enough to pair with bolder blooms, such as peony or rose, the ranunculus is an incredibly versatile bloom that works in just about any arrangement. This charming flower has become a wedding day staple.


Looking for a cost-effective alternative to roses or peonies? Try the lush, multi-petaled ranunculus, a relative of the buttercup. First seen by Westerners in the Far East around the thirteenth century, this mild-scented flower features several blossoms on a stem with fernlike foliage.


To carry ranunculus is to tell your partner, in the Victorian language of flowers, "I am dazzled by your charms." A natural for the bridal bouquet or bridesmaid nosegays, the ranunculus also makes a whimsical boutonniere and is available in many colors including white, yellow, orange, and pink.


Ranunculus Bridal Bouquet
Ranunculus Bridal Bouquet
Ranunculus Bridal Bouquet
Ranunculus Centerpiece
Ranunculus Centerpiece


Season: November–April


Colors: white, yellow, apricot, orange, pale pink, dark pink


Scent: mild, sweet


Meaning: you are rich in attractions, I am dazzled by your charms

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