One of the most sought after wedding flowers, these are truly one of a kind. The blushing bride protea is ideal for the bride who likes flowers that are classics with a modern twist. The flowers have a blush-colored center, with pointed petals that range in color from snowy white and ivory to cream with tinges of pale pink. The delicate blooms are feathery and light, giving your florals an ethereal feel. Plus, the flowers are super versatile — they look amazing on their own or when paired with other soft-pink and cream-colored blooms. Blushing bride proteas are a summer flower, so if you're obsessed with this flower like we are, then definitely plan on a summertime wedding.


It recently became super popular for its delicate, romantic hue and fluffy properties which add texture to any arrangement. The bloom also represents bashfulness. It is said that men who are about to propose to their girlfriends in the past, would wear this flower in their lapels to propose, and everyone would know. Apart from the obvious inference of the flowers color, also derives from the embarrassment of his bride to be. The deeper the pink color, the more serious the intentions of the fiancé. How sweet for a modern proposal too.

Blushing Bride Protea


Season: spring to summer


Colors: snowy white and ivory to cream with tinges of pale pink


Scent: sweet 


Meaning: bashfulness

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