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Anemones, with their striking jet-black centers, are a favorite bloom among brides. Anemones are lovely, delicate flowers that dance atop slender stems, giving them their poetic common name – windflower.


These beauties come in crisp white (by far the most popular variety) as well as bright red, pink, magenta, purple, and blue. Additionally, there are other white anemone varieties with green centers as well as yellow centers.

Anemones have over 150 species, but the types most commonly used for weddings are white with a blue- or purple-hued center, though purple anemones are also becoming popular. Since the blooms have a bit of personality, they look great in bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, and also reception centerpieces. Brides who love roses and hydrangeas need not worry that their beloved traditional florals will fall by the wayside; anemones pair well with other blossoms.


Anemones are typically in season from October through May. Though unscented, this relative of the peony and ranunculus is sought after for its vibrant colors. Just a few bright blooms breathe color into bouquets and arrangements.


Anemones Bridal Bouquet
Anemones Bridal Bouquet
Anemones Bridal Bouquet
Anemones Bridal Bouquet
Anemones Centerpiece


Season: November–May; primarily spring


Colors: white, red, pink, magenta, purple, blue


Scent: unscented


Meaning: protection against evil and ill wishes

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